Friday, July 31, 2015

Bloganista 2015

Last Thursday, I attended a mixer at Collage Designer Consignment store for this year's Bloganista Mini-Con presented by See Jane Write Birmingham.  Last year I was a panel speaker.  This year, I'm attending and looking forward to learning from the brilliant ladies speaking.
I love attending networking events with local bloggers.  There's so much talent I'm my backyard.
I always meet new interesting people that are so excited to be apart of the blogging world.
When you put wine...
Delicious bites...
Great conversation and laughs... You get a perfect recipe for an awesome networking event.
And I so excited and looking forward to the conference on tomorrow!


  1. I can't believe it's been a year since you sat on that panel. Looks like you all are in for a wonderful time tomorrow!

  2. Kudos! I see Adrienne there too! Another blogger I follow!

    1. All of us bloggers here love getting together.