4 Ways To Be More Stylish & Fashionable!

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If you’re struggling to be more fashionable and stylish, then you’ve come to the right place. Be glad to know there are steps you can take that will help you to dress better and feel more confident. With a few modifications and a willingness to try a new approach, you’ll be on your way to looking fabulous and feeling great. Have fun exploring new ideas and options and accept the challenge to dress better with open arms. There may be times when you miss the mark when it comes to fashion but use these moments as learning experiences instead of getting down on yourself.

1.   Invest in the Essentials & Staples

You can be more stylish and fashionable by investing money in the essentials and staples. It’ll be easier to get dressed, and you can plan better for what you want to wear when you take time to organize your closet. For example, add these items to your wardrobe for starters:

Dark Jeans
4 Ways To Be More Stylish & Fashionable - Dark Jeans - Erica Bunker DIY Style

4 Ways To Be More Stylish & Fashionable - Leggings - Erica Bunker DIY Style

Black dress
4 Ways To Be More Stylish & Fashionable - Black Dress - Erica Bunker DIY Style

White T-shirt
4 Ways To Be More Stylish & Fashionable - White T-shirt - Erica Bunker DIY Style

4 Ways To Be More Stylish & Fashionable - Flats - Erica Bunker DIY Style

4 Ways To Be More Stylish & Fashionable - Blazer - Erica Bunker DIY Style

Once you have the essentials, you can mix and match and layer your pieces for the perfect appearance and statement.

2.   Go out Shopping & Browsing

Another way to be more stylish and fashionable is to go out shopping and browsing to see what’s out there. You can head to ticketsales.com and purchase tickets to a variety of shopping and fashion activities and events, both in your area and around the country. Get out there and witness for yourself what’s popular in the stores and what people are wearing. Take notes and be willing to invest in a few new pieces that look good on you and will help enhance your wardrobe.

3.   Ask for Advice

Similar to how you can have a career mentor for work, you can also have a mentor for your personal appearance and style. Therefore, reach out and ask for and seek advice from those who you admire and dress well. You can be more stylish and fashionable by learning from those around you who always look put together and chic. Talk to your friends about your goals and ask them what their tips are for helping you to be trendier. Also, follow blogs and bloggers online and on social media and submit questions to them related to your style and ask how you can dress better at work and when you go out with friends.

4.   Be Courageous

You’re not going to be able to change your ways or habits unless you step outside your comfort zone once in a while. Therefore, focus on being more courageous with your style and what you wear. Choose outfits and pieces that you never imagined yourself putting on and see how you feel in them. You never know when a particular garment might look better on you than on the hanger, so be daring and at least branch out a bit. Be bold with colors and patterns or purchase a fancy dress that you usually wouldn’t spend the money on.

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  1. Good tips. For me the best thing I did was get a good color analysis, including info on value contrast and color contrast; signature colors that worked with my hair, skin, & eyes. With that info I could choose the best pants/jeans, tops that were signatures for skin & eyes, and toppers and shoes that were signatures for my hair. There is lots of info on the internet, choose what makes sense to you and experiment. It is a learning path and takes time.


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