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How to Build the Ultimate Skin Care Wardrobe

How to Build the Ultimate Skin Care Wardrobe

Chances are that your fashion wardrobe contains a mix of both daily essentials and special occasion outfits, along with a selection of accessories that you can mix and match with whichever clothing items you pull.
Well, the same should apply to the skincare products that you own too.

If you usually stick to the same products each and every day, then it’s time to make a change. Why? Because your skin’s needs are constantly changing - some days may see you waking up feeling quite dry and dehydrated, while other mornings could have you battling pimples, redness, or a variety of other skin concerns. Whichever it may be, those same products that you use each day aren’t going to be able to tackle all of these different issues.

This is where a skincare wardrobe comes in. It basically involves you stocking up on a variety of skincare products, from essentials to specialized treatments, so that you can then pick and choose what to use on your skin each day, depending on how you feel and what your skin needs - just like your fashion wardrobe!

Take Stock of What You’ve Got

Before adding any new items to your skincare wardrobe, you’ll need to first take stock of what you’ve already got. Throw out or recycle any expired beauty products, and consider donating those that you know you’ll never use again.

After this, you can start to properly curate your new skincare wardrobe. While there’s no set number of products that you need to add to this, there are certain products that you should definitely include.

Start With Two Cleansers

Many would say that a cleanser is the most important step of any skincare routine, which is why you should ideally have two in your skincare wardrobe. The first should be an oil-based cleanser - this is what you need to remove makeup and excess sebum from your face. However, water-based cleansers are important too, as they really help to clear the pores out.

Having one of each means that you can use the cleansers individually based on how your skin is feeling, or you could use them both for a deeper double cleanse. If you need some help picking out a new cleanser, head on over to for reviews, advice, and some of the best skincare products on the market.

Add in Some Toners

Some people skip the toner step completely, but a toner is a must-have for rebalancing your skin’s pH level after cleansing. Toners come in a variety of formulas - exfoliating toners are great for brightening, while hydrating toners are so useful for dry skin.

Choose a Few Eye Serums and Creams

While face serums and creams can be used around the eyes, the skin in this area is extremely thin and delicate, meaning that products specifically designed for this area will always be more beneficial.

Look for formulas that target different eye concerns. For example, an antioxidant-rich eye serum would be great for fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, whereas a plumping, hydrating eye cream would help with dry, dull, and tired skin. Soothing and calming eye products are also useful for those mornings where you wake up with dark circles or puffy eyes.

Invest in Face Serums

You can use up to three serums in a single skincare routine, so these are great products to invest in. Most serums will have a few key active ingredients, so pick a variety of different blends to ensure that every skin concern is covered.

Look for different serum consistencies too, as this makes them easier to layer. The general rule is that the lightest and thinnest serum is applied first, with the thickest applied last.

Pick a Few Moisturizers

No matter your skin type, good moisturizers are a must. Try to include at least two in your skincare wardrobe - one lightweight lotion for warmer weather when your skin is oilier, and a thicker and richer formula for when your face feels dry.

Hydrating ingredients are important in a moisturizer, as are vitamins and antioxidants. It would also be wise to choose dedicated moisturizers for both day and night, since these contain the ingredients that your skin needs to support its varying functions at different times of the day.

Don’t Forget About Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential to protect your skin from premature aging, as well as from skin cancer. From mists to powders to creams, sunscreen formulas vary hugely - try to pick at least two different SPF products to add to your skincare wardrobe.

Whichever you choose, SPF 30 is a minimum for sufficient protection.

Treat Yourself to Some Extras

While the above are all essentials, there are so many other products out there that are worth adding to your skincare wardrobe. Your budget will likely be the deciding factor in how many you buy, but a few extras to consider are:

  • Face mists 

  • Face masks 

  • Chemical and physical exfoliants (for both face and body) 

  • Lip treatments 

  • Face oils


You probably already know that the “one size fits all” concept rarely works well in fashion, and it also fails to give your skin exactly what it needs. Building a comprehensive skincare wardrobe will allow you to easily customize your skincare routine each day, which will keep your skin looking and feeling its very best.

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