Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why Can't I Stay Focused?

Must be because I too am afflicted with KADD (Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder). Today is Thursday, I know it's not over yet but I still havent finished the front of the tunic. Almost there, but not quite.
I've been so busy today, you know the usual stuff, gym time, laundry, a little house cleaning. Left home around noon with the intention of going to Sam's and WallyWorld, and the yarn was singing out to me like mythological sirens to the sailors. I promise you I tried to resist, well, not really. I needed to make a trip anyway to pick up the rest of the Berroco Touche' for the tunic because they did not have enough in that color when I bought it and they ordered me some. They are such a great store with a selection that is getting better everytime I go in there. But you can't beat their fantastic customer service. They are still a fairly new store and the don't have a website yet. For anyone reading this in my area, they are: In The Making, LLC. They are the reason that I haven't splurged on a swift and a winder because they always do it for me.

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