PR Wardrobe Contest 2007

12:55 AM

Here are all of the pieces!

The Backstory: On April 29th, I decided to participate in my first ever S.W.A.P. (Sewing With A Plan) / Wardrobe Contest sponsored by Pattern I loved the idea of having an "interchangeable wardrobe"... nothing too matchy, matchy but everything kinda went together without a great deal of thought. I needed some cute Summer pieces and I thought, "Why not"? I thought this was really cool and I wanted mine to tell a story... you know, the way the designer collections do when the come down the runway. They don't match, but they all "go together".

The Collection: My lifestyle as a SAHM is pretty simple, BUT I still like to (HAVE TO) look nice. I decided to make a piece for every aspect of my life. I have simple running around to do with the kids so I definitely needed shorts and a t-shirt. Jeans are a MUST HAVE... they can be dressed up or down. I needed a "day dress" and a "cocktail dress" for those date nights. You can't go wrong with a great pair of linen trousers. Novelty tops are interchangeable with all of the bottoms. And a cute jacket is a MUST HAVE accessory for chilly movie theaters and restaurants.

5 Tops
Hot Patterns 107

Simplicity 4076
Simplicity 3867
McCall's 5329
- (also my accessory)

3 Bottoms
Vogue 8365

Simplicity 4135
McCall's 5142

2 Dresses
Simplicity 3744
Simplicity 3874

The Conclusion: I didn't participate in this contest with the objective of winning (it would be nice though, LOL), I wanted to see if I had the commitment level to follow through with it. So many times, I wanted to through in the towel and move on to the next project that tickled my fancy but I didn't give up. I encountered fitting woes, I ran out of fabric in the midst of project, ran out of thread... but I didn't give up! I'm proud of myself for completing this and I plan on participating in the next one... not to mention, I got some really cute pieces in my closet!

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