Sewing for the husband!

10:45 PM

Well, I've finally gotten around to sewing something for the husband. For Father's Day, I decided that I would make him a couple of pieces. I decided to do a shirt, which was *supposed* to be two shirts and two pairs of shorts.I decided to use Kwik Sew 3422 for the shirt. I found a great tissue-weight linen at my local Jo-Anns that fit the bill. I chose this pattern because it looked a little more casual than KS2777. And I was right. KS3422 has a one-piece collar/collar band, unlike KS2777 with separate pieces. I do plan to use 2777 as well for long-sleeved dressier shirts. Even though I felt this shirt was casual, it still had had a back yoke.

***Note: All of the seam allowances for this pattern is 1/4", instead of the usual 5/8". I had to put a Post-It note on my sewing machine to remind myself!And I decided to put a pocket on each side.

I used Kwik Sew 3267 for the shorts. This is the same pattern I used for Brian's pants a couple of years ago.

Here are some construction pics:

I used a poly/cotton bottomweight twill.
I interfaced the fly and used Sandra Betzina's zipper video for reference. Seriously, if you're not using this method -- you should be! It went in perfectly! I also added about 2" to the length. He wears his shorts a little longer than the pattern's inseam.

I also used my trouser making book for reference... especially for the pockets! The text and the instructional videos really came in handy!For pocketing fabric, I used the fabric I used for this dress. It was the perfect weight.The welt pocket/pocket bag instructions were amazing! The Kwik Sew instructions matched perfectly with the instructions in the trouser book.
I also made an identical black pair with a black and white lining fabric for the pocket.
This is a TNT pattern that I could make over and over again and highly recommend!

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  1. Love the outfit! I'm currently making shorts for my son and plan to do so in the future for my other son and husband. RTW doesn't always fit as nice as something made to fit.


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