It's Sweater Weather! My Wishlist from!

10:00 AM

In Alabama, during the fall and winter, our temps move between below freezing to down right balmy.  And on those days when a coat is not necessarily needed, I love a great sweater.  Sweaters, jeans, leggings and boots are my cool weather wardrobe staples.  So here are some of my favorite picks that are on my wishlist from!

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  1. I'm falling in love with ponchos - they're quite versatile and always stylish

  2. Love the long sleeve geometric coat - it's fun!

  3. I would take any one of these, so stylish and on-trend. Many will be classic and wearable for years!

  4. I would love to wear all of these! Thanks for giving me some more items to add to my wish list!


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