Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Review: Vogue 1645 Jumpsuit!

I knew when I saw this pattern that this would be one I'd be making. I'm such a fan of Rachel Comey's "Uptown Girl Style", so Vogue 1645 was a no brainer for me.
This pattern with it's unusual design is not the easiest for altering. I normally don't make a muslin, but my mind lead me to do one for this. And I'm so glad I did. My normal alterations for a jumpsuit is to do a FBA, swayback, full seat, lengthen the rise and the hem length. My brain didn't want configure a FBA on this because that would've consisted in re-drafting the fronts, because the bodice and the pants are a single pattern piece. 
I just cut the straight 16, made a one inch swayback adjustment, lengthened the rise by one inch, made a 1.5" full seat adjustment and added 3" to the hem length.
My fabric is a Navy Peachskin from Mood I've worked with this fabric before and I love the texture and how easy it wears. It doesn't have a lick of stretch, so you can't really skimp on the fitting in hopes that the give of the fabric will rescue you. It cuts and sews beautifully. But you do have to watch the temperature of your iron and use a pressing cloth.
Even though I'm all for a beautiful interior, there was just no way I was going to Hong Kong finish the entire inside of a jumpsuit. If this were a jacket, I could see it, but not on a jumpsuit. My serger worked perfectly fine. And if you're wondering how a jumpsuit like this stays together, it has an invisible zipper on the inside.
And it's held closed with a belt on the outside. I used a Maxant Rectangular Buckle Kit 1.5" from Mood for the buckle. 
I absolutely love this jumpsuit and I can't wait to layer it over a top for cooler weather!


  1. Your jumpsuit is lovely!!!

  2. Brava! A tough pattern to alter but your choices are good ones. It looks very chic.

  3. Erica, that's beautiful! Great fit on you, nice fabric! A jumpsuit is the best!! Think I'll have to find a long sleeve one for the winter. Love your hair!

  4. Your jumpsuit , looks fabulous on you , Erica��

  5. Erica, I love everything you sew. Great fit, style, execution. Always a professional job.

  6. love this, got the pattern after you reviewed it, and hope to make in a wool cotton fabric. feeling more inspired now!

    1. It was a fun make. I love when I sew things with details that I’ve never done before. Thank you!