8 Fashion Truths Every Man Should Know

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I know I talk a lot about women's fashion. But today, I want to explore men's style. And let me tell you, I'm excited!

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Whether you're a businessman, a marketing manager, or work in sales, a polished and authentic personal style is equally important. It showcases your personality, your attitude, and that you care about yourself. If you don't know where to start - don't worry, I've got you. 

Here are 8 fashion truths every man should know. Let's take it one step at a time. 

You've got to get rid of old stuff

Listen, I understand, the hoodie you've had since freshman year is comfortable, but what's the last time you wore it? The same goes for those first "real shoes" you got a decade ago. Go through your closet and get rid of everything you haven't worn in over a year. Keep only 2-3 sentimental items.

We're decluttering! If there are items you're not sure about, check their state: are they worn out, faded, have huge logos, or are completely out of style? Toss them! 

Adjusting your clothes is important

Once you've gotten rid of the unwanted things, review the ones that you've got left. Try everything on and see how it fits. Pay special attention to suits, pants, coats, jackets - basically anything of higher quality.

You'll most likely notice that some of them need to be taken in (or, hmm, loosened...). Take all of the pieces that need adjusting to your local tailor or a seamstress. Trust me, a well-fitted piece of clothing makes the real difference. 

Quality over quantity, always 

When you shop for new things, make sure you focus on quality over quantity. Quality fabrics not only last longer, but they also look much better. Forget those fast-fashion brand jeans and shirts. You'll end up tossing them sooner than expected, and you won't look good while wearing them (sorry, but it's the truth!).

We love good basics such as t-shirts that go with everything. One of my favorite brands is Fresh Clean Tees, which offers the best quality t shirts for men

Go for class and simplicity...

Don't overthink it. Especially if you're new to this fashion and style game. Go with the classic, simple and time-trusted things and colors. According to Netluxury.com, blue and white are generally a man's best choice.

Forget crazy colors, patterns, and newest head-spinning trends. Choose barely-there stripes or checkers for leisure time if you really need some graphics in your life.

 ...but leave some space for fun 

Having said that, today's world is more relaxed and daring, so with a fair amount of consideration and coordination, you shouldn't be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe! 
Again, less is more, so if you're opting for mustard, salmon, or green cardigan, keep other items simple.

If you're unsure which colors work for you and how to match clothes, consult a friend, a shop assistant, or there are a plethora of apps that will help you with that.

Do not skimp on shoes

This one's a biggie. Out of all pieces you wear, shoes is arguably the most important one, so you want to get it right. If you choose the right style and quality, you'll wear them for years to come. My tip is to go for the classics both in style and color. This way, even with the changing winds of fashion, you'll always be ready.

For colors, think earth tones, for shape, choose round toes over pointy. You'll need a selection of shoes for your wardrobe - boots, dress shoes, loafers, sneakers, espadrilles - so take your time assembling the collection. 

The right suit for you is out there

Even if you don't wear a suit daily, you still need one. Make sure it's the right one. Don't buy suits online because it's impossible to get it right. Go to the store and try a few. Focus on quality fabric and lining, how it falls, how the shoulders and sleeves fit, and of course, how you feel in it. I'd suggest going for simple colors (especially if it's your only suit) and a classic two-button, single-breasted style. 

How much to spend? TheEssentialman.com suggests buying the best

quality for your budget. 

Accessories matter

You don't wear accessories? How about a belt, glasses, sunglasses, or socks? Right. Let's start with socks. The basic rule is - dark socks go with dark shoes, and white socks are for sports. It should go without saying, but I'll still do it - never wear socks with sandals! You can also go sockless with loafers, moccasins, boat shoes. 

When buying a belt, I recommend going with quality leather. Forget the rubber belts and ones with weird knuckles. 

Finally, pay special attention to your glasses and sunglasses. Just like with shoes, you don't want to skimp here, so take your time, get advice, and choose something that fits you and doesn't look cheap.

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  1. There’s nothing more appealing than a well-dressed person. They radiate confidence and style.

  2. Oh, geez where are these elegant men in your photos? I thinks this article is brilliant, men , some, definitely would appreciate the help. They want to dress cool they just don’t know how . An old boss of mine was always wearing frumpy pants with pleats , he was very fit for his age, my coworker told him politely to try a more modern style, he did , and he went from frumpy to sexy. Anyway great idea to,post this.

    1. It’s so easy for men to dress well. It’s so sad that more don’t.

  3. As a guy who sews (over 30 plus years now), i find sewing clothing for myself allows me to make items that are more interesting then the standard clothing for men. For example issey miyake coats, yamamoto shirts, jackets and pullover in colors other then navy, grey or black. I even cross the pattern line and use womens patterns as the basis for some makes, which gives me some more interesting clothing. I still dress most days with a uniform - rtw golf shirt, me made jeans or pants of some kind (slash pockets, no freaking pleats), sweaters, hoodies (new, not from school days) I started dressing better over the past year after finishing a lot of remodeling work in the house were i wore the same shirt and jeans for weeks covered in paint. When it comes to sewing my clothing, i look at what is coming down the runway (from vogue's website or from runway shows on youtube), i print the pictures of the looks and then i analyze the details and figure out how to use the patterns and fabric i have to create the same runway look. There is nothing better then walking out the door looking like you stepped off the runway - imo ... Here is to more men sewing!!

    1. Sewing definitely gives you that freedom of expression!

  4. Sending this article to my son! He enjoys fashion as much as I do and will appreciate your post.

    1. Awesome! I hope your son enjoys it!

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    Once check our site https://stitchmydress.com/ and give a review .
    Thank you !

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