How to Look Chic in Leopard Print After 40

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Leopard print is a fun and flirty pattern that’s managed to remain trendy for decades. Read "Cheetah vs. Leopard: Can You Tell The Difference" for a refresher! Although leopard print clothing, shoes, and accessories are often marketed toward young women, you shouldn’t shy away from wearing the print as you age. Here are a few ways to look chic in leopard print even after 40.

Opt for Footwear

One of the easiest ways to showcase leopard print in a classy style is through footwear. By choosing a leopard print shoe, you’ll add a bold statement into your outfit without going overboard. Plus, leopard print footwear is a popular choice, so you’ll be able to find a shoe for any occasion. You can pick a classic pump or heel for an evening look or switch to a ballet flat or mule for an effortless daytime and office outfit. 

Giuseppe Zanotti 110mm leopard-print sandals

Choose Outwear

Outwear can be a fantastic place to highlight leopard print. A faux fur, leopard print coat, longline leopard print cardigan, or a casual leopard print shacket or sweatshirt are fun and approachable ways to incorporate leopard print into your wardrobe. To find your ideal leopard print outwear, check out wholesale clothing vendors. These stores offer a myriad of great choices for every style and every age. 

Don’t Forget Accessories

Accessories are an excellent way to add small, sophisticated touches of leopard print to an outfit. An abundance of leopard print in one outfit can very easily become tawdry if not styled correctly. With small accessories, however, you won’t have to worry about an overabundance. Simply add a leopard print scarf, belt, or even earrings to your outfit for a demure approach.

Switch to Flowing Fits

Leopard print is often associated with tight or revealing clothing pieces, which are best suited for a younger audience. As you mature in age, switch to leopard print clothing with more flowing or looser fitting styles. A leopard print maxi dress rather than a leopard print bodycon dress, for example, is an easy swap to make. Longer lengths in dresses or skirts, flowing sleeves on tops, and gauzy fabric details can all elevate a leopard print look after 40. 

Make it a Statement

When in doubt, be bold and let the leopard print stand on its own. Leopard print is often paired with additional prints or strong colors to create a daring outfit. However, as you mature in age, this pairing may have the opposite impact. If you choose an outfit with a large amount of leopard print, such as a leopard print dress, keep the rest of your outfit simple. The simplicity of the leopard print alone will create a more refined appearance.

 Leopard print can be a tricky pattern to incorporate into your wardrobe as you age. However, by focusing on these styles and tips, you’ll be sure to find a leopard print outfit that’s mature and chic. To find the best leopard print looks, search through Dear-Lover wholesale women’s clothing for hundreds of gorgeous options. 


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