Shopping For Pet Lovers!

12:19 PM

Since my daughter Mikaela got her “Pandemic Pup” Carson, I’ve become a pet lover. I guess you can say he’s my fur grandpuppy! 

He’s become an instant member of the family. So, during the holidays, we like to celebrate him as well.
I am always looking for cool things to gift to her for him. Such as this pet bathing tool set:

Or this cute little doggy jacket that looks The North Face. I love this so much!

While searching, I discovered the perfect gift for pet parents and lovers of fur babies. Mr. & Mrs. Paw creates custom pet portraits to celebrate your furry loved ones! They create personalized pieces of art to commemorate your pet. Besides canvas, you can also receive customized phone cases, throw pillows and mugs. Best of all they offer unlimited revisions until you are happy with your artwork! I picked this as a gift to my daughter for favorite furry guy, Carson! I couldn’t see him being anything other than a distinguished gentleman.

The process is very simple. First, get a great picture of your pet. Preferably a closeup of their face. I know this can be difficult sometimes. Carson is subject to get a case of the zoomies, so it took me a minute to photograph him when he wasn’t in motion.

Then you select the costume you would like to see your pet in. You can pick these based on gender and theme. This is where straight up hilarity ensues! There are hundreds of options to pick from and I guarantee you will find something that works with your pet’s personality.

Then you place your order. In a couple of days, you will receive a notification that your custom pet artwork is ready to preview. You can look at it and see if you like it. This the time to make any changes or modifications before they create the real thing. Then it goes to print.

You can have your art put on a canvas, pillow, phone case or a mug.

This is just the perfect gift for my daughter and her awesome little guy!

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