Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New Winter/Holiday Patterns!

Let's just jump right into it!
I wasn't initially feeling any of the new Vogues. It took a minute for me to look through the line drawings. This Guy Laroche stood out. I love separates and these are some pretty interesting pieces. HOWEVER -- I would never tuck that top into those pants! Like, never, EVER! And adding a belt? I guess that worked for the over-the-top runway look. But in real life, you'd look like a fool! LOL  Everything on the runway doesn't translate to "real way".

It's a great deep plunging peplum top with dramatic sleeves. And those pants would just be fun to make with all of the seams and topstitching. And they'd look amazing in leather or suede.
And speaking of dramatic sleeves! This top is a yes! It instantly reminded me of this Brandon Maxwell top. And that's all a stunning top like this needs is a pair of black cigarette pants.
You know that you're officially getting old when you see a style cycle back around that you wore TO DEATH. And that's how I feel about this slip dress. I tried to avoid it for the longest. A bias cut slip dress with my Halle Berry styled pixie haircut and JLo finely arched eyebrows was one of  my go-to 90's looks. You'd wear it in the day with a t-shirt and pair it with a choker and heels at night. I had the look down pat! I was in my 20s and you couldn't tell me nothin! I've been seeing one of my favorite 40 Plus blogger wearing hers with a leather moto jacket, and she looks chic and totally bad ass. So I may give this one a try. And plus, it has cup sizing!
These are just cute basic outfits to throw on around the holidays. This is something I would put on for Thanksgiving or Christmas day with either a cute pair of flats or house slippers. You're comfortable, but still pulled together and presentable.
I don't know if I'll make the skirt, but I'm definitely making that top! Love this!
I think Michael would like this. 

I love loungewear. I can't sleep in anything like this because I'm 47 and nightsweats! But I do like to get my lounge on! And that romper is adorbs!
This gown is just simple, elegant and would get the job done. I've been saying that I need to put a couple of gowns in my closet. There are always events and galas going on. I always find out about it too late to order fabric and sew up a look. And I would never want to be rushing formal wear.
And I like this one too!

This is cute and fun. It reads spring for me. So this one get parked for a few months.
View C of these pants reminds me of these:
Simplicity 8389

But I've really been wanting to try a style like View D.
I love jeans like these from Ellery.
Last year, I made Simplicity 1499:
So, I'll be making View D. And Joann always has this type of fabric in stock.
This hoodie is cute, but a step above basic. This is something that I would reach for all of the time.
And the same with this dress/tunic. Both pieces are McCall's 7688.
And these are just cute sweaters!


  1. "A bias cut slip dress with my Halle Berry styled pixie haircut and JLo finely arched eyebrows was one of my go-to 90's looks."

    Your description of that style is perfect! And your words struck me as interesting because that's how I felt about the 70s boho look...it took me awhile to come to terms with wearing it again since I'd worn it as a teenager. You will make some amazing garments with the new patterns.

  2. I cannot WAIT to make that slip dress! I probably should not. But I DON'T CARE! LOL!!! I was in junior high/high school in the 90s and wasn't dressing "girly" back then. It was all T-shirts and basketball shoes. So it's a first go-round for me! LOL! Okay fine...like THAT matters. I will wear what I want. Shrug.

    I LOVE that Paco top. It's everything. Every.single.thing.

    So much awesomeness from Vogue. I was less moved by the McCall's release. But, there are a couple maybes on my list :)

  3. There are a few patterns that catch my eye. I'm particularly interested in the zipped sweater for my boyfriend. That's a good looking sweater and men's patterns always get neglected by the Big 4. They're all so outdated and dorky. This is a good sweater, though.

  4. Thank you Erica, I'm glad you like my new design for Vogue, the skirt would also suit you well because it favours tall and elegant women above all. xx Paco

  5. That red Paco Peralta skirt? Never, but the top is great. I didn't notice those cute sweaters when I looked, so thank you.

  6. I look forward to seeing your versions of these patterns! I totally see you rockin each one.

  7. I really like all of the flouncy trousers in your list -- and you are tall enough to carry them off, beautifully. Me? I have a long torso, and a deep rise, and stumpy little legs. (insert sigh of wistful longing here) Will stick to straight legs as I stride through life, admiring the fashion chutzpah of those in the crowd around me.

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