Vogue 8480 - The Freesia Trench Jacket

6:30 PM
safari jackets

Safari Jackets for the Urban Jungle this Spring!

5:00 PM
Spring Trends

My Spring 2008 Palette!

12:45 AM
Claire Shaeffer

Vogue Pants!

12:00 AM

New Handbag!

11:33 AM

New HotPatterns!

11:00 AM

Anything special planned for today?

1:30 AM

Any Sewers in the D.C. Metro Area?

6:33 PM

Biker Jackets for Spring!

3:30 PM

YES. WE. CAN... Vote!

1:15 AM

What I dislike about Vogue 8477!

9:30 PM
Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs

TiVO Alert: Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton

3:30 PM

Updates coming soon...

12:44 AM

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