Q:  "Do you do custom orders/sew for others?"
A: Not currently.

Q:  "Do you trace your patterns?"
A:  NO!  I almost always sew from Big 4 patterns (Vogue, McCall's, Butterick & Simplicity).  They are always on sale for 99 cents to $3.99.  Not worth the trouble of tracing.  I cut, alter and keep it moving.

Q:  "What kind of sewing machine do you suggest for a beginner?"
A:  I don't.  Read:  "Erica, which one should I buy?"

Q:  "What machines do you have?"
A:  A Bernina Activa 130; a Brother  SE-270D embroidery machine; a Brother 1034 D serger (it lasted about 4-5 years and died)... Janome 7933 serger and Brother 2340 CV coverstitch

Q:  "What sewing books do you have?"
A:  A few and I use them all of the time!  See here:  "My Sewing Library"

Q:  "What book(s) do you recommend for a beginner?"
A:  "The Complete Guide to Photo Sewing - Singer"

Q:  "What kind of dressform do you have?"
A:  PGM Pro #601.

Q:  "What kind of iron do you use?"
A:  A Consew Silver Star CES-300 Gravity Feed Lasted for 9 years, stopped steaming and developed a short. Replaced with:
Sapporo SA-SP527 Gravity Feed Iron on 11/9/2016.

Q:  "What kind of cutting table do you have?"
A:  I use a Sullivan Home Hobby Table -  36" x 36" x 59.5"  See Sewing Studio Below.

Q:  "Will you post a picture of your sewing area?"
Here it is:  Sewing Studio!

Q:  "Will I save money if I learn to sew my own clothes?"
A:  See the discussion HERE!

Q:  "How did you learn to sew and how long have you been sewing?"

A: I learned to sew in 8th grade home economics. I didn't sew throughout high school because it wasn't "fashionable" at the time. I started back sewing home decor (drapes, curtains, pillows, etc...) when I got married. I made my own maternity clothes, clothes for my children and costumes for Halloween and school plays when they were small. I got back into sewing around 5 years ago when I became a stay at home mom in need of a hobby.

Here's a great ARTICLE!  Take a read!

Q:  "Who takes your pictures?"

A:  Usually I take them myself with my tripod and camera remote.  Sometimes I enlist the help of my husband or my kids.  Anybody can be a good photographer with a decent camera and GOOD direction.

Q:  "What kind of camera do you use?"
A:  I use a Nikon D40 DSLR.

Q:  "What do you wear underneath your clothes?"  (seriously, I'm asked this often!)

A:  Underpinnings!

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