Erica Bunker, DIY Style is a fashion sewing blog that was established in 2005. Erica loves inspiring others who enjoy creating their own wardrobe through the art of sewing. Erica demonstrates how she pulls inspiration from the runway and luxury brands to create beautifully tailored, designer-quality, classic garments with couture details and a contemporary twist.  There is an "art" to cultivating a wardrobe. Cultivation is not an overnight process, it takes time. Erica shows how to look beyond outdated commercial pattern instructions, how to select appropriate fabrics and how the average home sewer can create their own modern wardrobe. 
Building a home-sewn wardrobe takes patience in allowing yourself to grow, learn and to tolerate occasional setbacks. On the blog, you will also find not only expert-level sewing, but also fashion savvy styling tips.

Erica Bunker is the creator and editor of Erica Bunker | DIY Style! The Art of Cultivating a Stylish Wardrobe.  Erica is a Birmingham, Alabama based veteran blogger with over a decade of experience, with a solid audience and presence across all social media platforms. She is also a self-taught seamstress, burgeoning designer, public speaker, wardrobe stylist and consultant whose personal style motto is: “Why buy it, when you can make it!” Erica is a woman who believes in occasion-appropriate dressing instead of age-appropriate dressing, who is not afraid of celebrating her femininity. She’s a woman who has learned to become more and more body-confident. She’s a woman that wants to make a statement without screaming, “Look at my outfit!” She’s a woman that is inspired by trends, without being led by them.

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This awesome guy is my husband Michael.  Not only is he a great dad and overall cool-ass dude, he's my photographer.  And that long-legged gorgeous gal is my youngest daughter Mikaela.  When she's not away at college, we're two girls about town shopping and grabbing coffee and she captures great moments with me also!

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