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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest | Pink & Red!

I've been needing to add cool basics to my wardrobe.  Let's face it, sometimes I just want to throw on a pair of jeans.  But since I'm no where near a "jeans & t-shirt" kinda girl, I need some cute tops.  You'll notice a few of those being added to my wardrobe in the near future.


Source: via Erica on Pinterest

Thanks to Pinterest, I've found the loveliest of lovely color combinations:  pink and red. It screams Valentine's Day, I know.  But I love it anyway.  
I used Rachel Comey's pattern, Vogue 1323 for my top.  If you had only looked at the extremely editorialized pictures on the VP website, you may have passed on this pattern altogether.  But with experience, I've made it a habit of looking at the line drawing of each and every pattern released.  Trust, it's worth the time.  You may miss out on something great if you don't do that.
For this pattern, I added an inch to the length.  Everything else was fine.  I used this gorgeous silk crepe de chine by Marc Jacobs from MoodFabrics.com.  It feels like heaven and was perfect for this type of shirt.
Nail color is Essie "Penny Talk".  Love it!

The description of the top is:  loose-fitting, pullover top has collar, front button bands, self-lined yoke, forward shoulder seams, flaps, pleated pockets, and sleeves with pleats, button cuffs and continuous lap. Narrow hem. Collar, bands, yokes: cut on crosswise grain of fabric. 
I really love the collar and the neckline.  
I love the front bands and the pockets too.
And the back has a self-lined yoke, which I wish all button-front shirts that the Big 4 release would have.  
And the hemline with the side slits make this top look really nice when worn untucked.
And here are the cuffs.
I really love great wardrobe building pieces, and this top falls right in line.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Wearing: Mixed Prints | Stripes & Glen Plaid!

Last evening's outfit:  let's talk about the top.  Remember this dress?  Well, it's now been re-purposed as a t-shirt.  It had a lovely run this summer as a dress.  But I decided for the fall, I could get twice the mileage by making it into a striped t-shirt -- that I can wear with everything!  This goes to show that when you see a fabric you love, buy extra!
And the skirt is the ruffle pencil skirt that I made years ago.  
I haven't even thought to wear this skirt in a long, long time.  But one day, I saw MY skirt Pinterest.  And I saw it again!  I thought adding the black and white striped shirt with the black and white glen plaid would be a very subtle way to mix prints.
I guess sometimes it takes someone else showing an appreciation for what you have to remind you that it's fabulous!

Monday, September 24, 2012

What I'm Wearing / Tweed Weather!

Today, we FINALLY had some real fall weather!  I'm always excited when the seasons change. 
So while I was standing in my closet this morning looking for something to wear, I grabbed this wool tweed skirt from way back.  It seems I'm on a pencil skirt kick right now.  
This skirt is Butterick 5249, that I made back in 2008.  I'm sure it's out of print now.  I made a few modifications to the pattern to achieve the look I was going for at the time.  And I'm glad I did because I love the uniqueness of this skirt.   
Make classics, have classics!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review: New Look 6107 | Going Baroque for a Pencil Skirt!

Go me, it's my birthday!!!
Another trend I decided to embrace this season is the "Baroque & Brocade" trend.  This isn't my first time creating a brocade garment.  Remember Vogue 8333, that I made 2 years ago?  That blazer will definitely be in rotation this season!
I saw this brocade fabric in Jo-Anns and decided that it had to come home with me.  And all week long, my mojo was pretty depleted.  So I needed an "instant gratification" project to get the juices flowing.  And what better than a pencil skirt.  

I decided to use New Look 6107.  I had decided that I wanted to add colorful pencil skirts (a la J. Crew No. 2) to my wardrobe.  So I took this pattern and tweaked it to my specifications.
I cut view D, and added an inch to the length.  I also pegged the hem of the skirt by removing an four inches (an inch per seam allowance).  The rule I followed is that the hem should be 4 inches less than the widest point of the hip.  

Such a great and simple project!

Friday, September 21, 2012

New patterns...

McCall's just released their holiday patterns.  But is this one Holiday or Halloween?

Because when I saw it, this was my first thought:

This is what happens when a trend trickles down to the mainstream and goes too far.  McCall's, who thought this was okay?  

Between this and the patterns that Simplicity just released, I'll be pulling old patterns from my filing cabinet for a while.  

Please Vogue Patterns, release something fabulous for the holidays!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Introducing... The Mood Sewing Network!

Mood Sewing Network is...
 a collective of fashion sewing bloggers from across the U.S. Nine bloggers were chosen to help launch the Mood Sewing Network represent a cross-section of home sewers: some still consider themselves beginners, while others are at the more experienced end of the sewing spectrum. No matter where we fall, we all have an enthusiasm for sewing and love of fabric. Follow our adventures on MSN in sewing and creating with Mood fabrics and feel free to use use for inspiration with your own sewing projects. Each month Mood Fabrics provides the Mood Sewing Network bloggers with an allowance for fabric that we can spend online at MoodFabrics.com or in the NYC or LA stores. We bloggers, in turn, will sew a garment with Mood fabrics each month and then blog about it on our own blogs and the MSN site. Stay tuned for information about how to apply to be a member of the Mood Sewing Network!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Simplicity 1876 | Mikaela's Homecoming Dress!

It's homecoming time again!  I love this time of year when it comes to my girls.  As a refresher, this is what Mikaela wore last year.  She's looks so much more grown up year after year.  **sniff, sniff**
This year, I used season 5 Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall's pattern - Simplicity 1876.
I cut the smallest size straight out of the envelope.  I sewed it in taffeta with a lace overlay on the bodice and lined it in crepe back satin.  
And instead of using the belt, I added sequined trimming at the waist, for a touch of bling.  I didn't have to do any alterations all.  I would like to warn you that this dress is short!  Mikaela is 5'5", and this pattern was sewn as is.  
This pattern was not difficult at all.  However, it is very time consuming.  There are a LOT of pieces to cut out.  So if I were you, I'd allot at least 3 days to make it happen... just to be cautious.  But it's drafted perfectly and reminiscent of Leanne's Project Runway finale collection.
I really loved the layered peplum style of this dress.  I thought that the way they overlapped gave it that petal effect that Leanne is known for.  This dress is so unique and my girls never repeat the same dress, so I'll never sew this again for them.  But I highly recommend this for anyone with a young lady in their life.  Or someone that would like to wear this fresh and girly style.
In case you couldn't tell, she was thrilled!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I'm Wearing | Denim, Peplum + Leopard

I was looking through pictures here on the blog and I realized that it's been a while since I'd had on a pair of jeans.  So I thought I'd do something about that today. 
So I broke out the skinnies and threw on a peplum top.  I've really been enjoying the "cooler" temps this week.  Because a month ago, I wouldn't have even considered putting on jeans and going out during "the heat of the day". 
I've been sewing all week, but not for me.  I've been working on Mikaela's homecoming dress because the homecoming dance is Saturday night.  I used Simplicity 1876.  
From Instagram.

It's not a difficult pattern at all.  But there were a million pieces to cut out.  And I somehow broke the zipper last night.  Sigh... So I had to make a mad dash to Jo-Ann's right before closing time.  Good thing I live so close.  But anyway... I can't wait until she's all dolled up on Saturday so I can share the review and the pictures!

Wearing:  Top:  Vogue 8815; jeans: The Gap; pumps: calf-hair leopard print slingbacks from DSW; purse: Urban Expressions.

Monday, September 10, 2012

What I'm Wearing | Animal Instincts: Leopard, Khaki + Red!

When I woke up, it was a cool, crisp and autumn-like 59 degrees this morning... with low humidity.  I could have shouted my joy from the rooftops!
But here's the kicker:  It was an afternoon high of 85.  So, I had to come up with an outfit that was a juxtaposition of summer and fall.  
So I decided on a leopard print top with khaki shorts.  I added chocolate brown ankle boots and a red bag for that pop of color that I so love.    
And as much as I'm dying for boot weather, these ankle boots satiated that craving.  Well, for the moment.  Come on Fall weather!
Wearing:  top:  Butterick 5101; shorts: Old Navy; ankle boots:  Lauren Ralph Lauren; purse:  TJ Maxx.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Review: Vogue 1267 | What I wore for Fashion's Night Out!

Last night was "Fashion's Night Out" presented by Birmingham Fashion Week.  And this is what I wore:
This is Vogue 1267 from Tom & Linda Platt.  Such a fabulous asymmetrical, high-low hem sheath dress.  This pattern had been in my "to sew" stack since it first came out.  And I thought this occasion was perfect for it. 
I used a gorgeous 100% fuchsia wool crepe from Mood.com.  The pattern suggested a lining and I normally am a firm believer in lining all woven dresses.  But this fabric had a natural stretch and the lining fabric (china silk) that I chose, did not.  So I decided to go without.  I had a lot of concerns on how the dress would wear without one (i.e. would it ride up)?!  I wore a nylon slip underneath to make sure that it stayed in place.

I found the neckline to be a bit high.  I altered the back and front about an inch.  And I finished the seams with my serger.  Also, the long side of the hem has a "weight" in it.  I used a quarter for my weight.  I added a statement necklace, a clutch and mary jane platform pumps to complete the look.
"Wait!  Mommy, is my face and hair okay?!  Yes, Mikaela... you look beautiful!"

And for my date, I brought Mikaela along!  We had a fabulous time!
Megan LaRussa did a Fall fashion presentation at Belk @ the Summit.
And we also hit up Gus Mayer for some high fashion fun!