More Bitching than Stitching Today

3:33 PM

Mood today: Bitchy!

Today I've been reading postings from several crochet groups and communities regarding copyright infringement. Now, I don't know a lot about the topic but it doesn't take a J.D. (juris doctorate) to know right from wrong. It's pretty black & white: if ain't yours, don't claim it! Just that simple. On this blog I have made references to the fact that I have used published patterns as "inspiration" and altered them for my on satisfaction and not for personal gain... I just want to look cute! But I have never scanned, copied, or emailed a pattern that I have purchase to anyone! First of all, I don't think I'm that nice. If I paid for you, you can pay for it too! Check out this link below from a conversation in a Live Journal crochet community regarding members of a yahoo! crochet group:

Stealing 'cause I'm broke! :(

Honestly, a single pattern only cost, at the most $8.00. Honey, if that will put you in the poorhouse, let the hobby go! Look, it doesn't matter if you are going through a divorce, disabled or whatever, stealing is just plain WRONG and I don't feel sorry for you!

Another issue that was addressed is aspiring designers (I'm being generous by using the word designer) are emailing out copies of their patterns for testing. It appears that these patterns are being shared. That's just low-down and dirty to that.

Of course I would like to be a published designer one day. I know that I still have a lot of learning to do. I buy patterns and crochet books to learn techniques, primarily shaping.

Now for the nastiness:

For all of you "designers" out there, only a few of you are worth your hooks! Everyone does not steal, I don't have to, I have my own vision. If I'm going to knock off a designer it would be Alice Temperley or Missioni Knits, not your fugly afghans, out-of-style ponchos, or doilies my grandmother wouldn't even display in her house.

Crocheters are becoming the butt of many jokes throughout the internet. Honestly, is it really that deep?

Are we becoming stupid hookers?

After I make this comment, I'm pretty sure the crap will hit the fan: if you are so afraid that your precious patterns will be fraudulently distributed, don't sell them! Why don't you sell the finished product? Or do you think your work is not good enough?

Now my broom has been placed back in the closet!

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  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    YOU...CRACK....ME...UP. HA HA HA! I could see you saying, "Honey, if that will put you in the poorhouse, let the hobby go!" in the funniest of voices. I'm adding you to my blogroll. Anyone with your attitude in life is someone I admire.

  2. Your post is funny and so true!!!

    Another sistah, who crochets and knits :)


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