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11:27 PM

My son Brian photographed this great sunset this evening and I had to share.

This weekend I went to the crochet & knit party at A.C. Moore's., to say the least it was a lot of fun... would have taken pics but I didn't have the digicam with me. Most of the people there were learning to use the Knifty Knitters. I don't really get it... I tried one of those out last year and it just aggravated me and made me want to learn to knit even more. And the thing that really turned me off is that you can only use bulky yarns on it. Then there were the others that were learning to crochet and knit. I found Tammy, who teaches there, and she finally sat me down and helped me overcome my fear of cables. My goodness, it was unbelievably easy... I don't know what the big deal was and why I waited so long to learn. So as you see in the previous post, I ran right home and stitched up the little cable clutch. Oh, of course I bought yarn while I was there and also more bamboo knitting needles. I also stopped my LYS and picked up yarn there too.

Here's a little something for your viewing pleasure:

On my needles:

Currently working on Glampyre's minisweater. I've seen so many variations on this little "boobholder" that I'm waiting to see how I'll be inspired to spin mine.

I will be participating in the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics. I haven't decided what my project will be yet, but I have several in mind. Over in Crochetville, there's also a Crochet Olympics too! Do I dare compete in both? Could I actually pull this off? What do you think?

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