It's time to get back...

2:44 PM

into my gym routine. I really need to stop blaming the extra 15 pounds I'm carrying on good holiday eatin'. I was trying on the sweater checking the fit. I look in the mirror at the back... I thought the sweater was puckering. It wasn't puckering! It was BACKFAT!!!
Okay, here are my choices: (1) Wear it and not worry about the fat that's poking out around my bra. (2) Wear a body shaping camisole and hide the fat and live in denial. (3) Get my lazy ass up and hit the elliptical machine for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. I like #3... if only I could knit while doing this.
Ran into a minor setback. I am some what of a perfectionist when it comes to crocheting and knitting. I decided that initially, the bottom ribbing was a bit too tight where it sat on top of my childbearing hips and it really looked like there was going to be a riding up problem. Frogged it back about 2 inches and did it over on the US5's. Much better.
I'm going to finish this one on schedule, but the crocheted sweater just ain't gonna happen for the crochet olympics. I'm still going to make, because I like and I plan to start it right after I finish this one. Geesh, I know how Sasha feels! Guess, I'll be bringing home the silver too...

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