Help me, I've fallen...

2:57 PM

...into a knitting/crochet slump! I can not focus on anything right now! I still have the partially finished white zip jacket in the chair in my bedroom just sitting there taunting me. I started that damn Apricot jacket... we'll just say that yarn and Addi's went flyin' across the room! We'll start that one again maybe around the first of next week after a thorough review at Craftster and a lot of rest.

When one is frustrated, what do you do? What else? Go YARN shopping! Well, not intentionally. Actually, I went to Hobby Lobby for purse handles because their yarn selection leaves a lot to be desired. But, I came across this wonderful sportweight, mercerized cotton yarn.
I'm thinking the turquoise yarn would look great on the Orangina. I just hope it works up as pretty as it looks packaged.

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