Article: A Fashion Writer Learns to Sew!

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I read this article in the September issue of Vogue and it made me smile. Anytime someone, especially those that have access to high-end designer duds take an interest in sewing... well, I just get goosebumps! The author spoke of taking an interest in sewing lessons in order to make curtains and pillows. She discussed this with her editor at Vogue and the editor told her that learning to sew in order to make home decor was "bor-ing"! My sentiments exactly! (No offense to anyone who only wants to sew home decor, LOL.) She suggested that she make a dress! What a mar-velous idea! The author felt that since she writes about clothes for a living, she should know how they're made! I totally agree! I think ALL of the fashion writers and editors should take a garment sewing class.

The author's editor suggested Jason Wu (yes, "Inaugural gown Jason Wu") as a sewing instructor. We should all be so lucky!

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ETA: I see a few of you questioned the use of the expensive dupioni for her first project. I say, why not? She knew that the dress would be photographed and put in THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE OF VOGUE!!! Surely you didn't expect for her to use "quilter's cotton" to copy Jason Wu's runway dress??? No need of playing in the shallow end of pool... might as well jump off into the deep end! Plus, she had a top designer to guide her hands. I always tell people when they ask me for advice, work with a fabric that you love! If money's not an issue, even if you fail, you can simply look at it as being "just fabric".

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