Review: Simplicity 8383 | Bold, Graphic, Short & Sassy!

10:30 AM

Sometimes I just want to flaunt my hard work in the gym (I put in 60+ minutes of high intensity cardio on the elliptical) and pat myself on the back for still having really good legs at 46 years old! I decided this cute little number would be perfect!
It's a leggy look, but it doesn't violate my personal fashion rule: If I'm going short, then the top needs to be covered! Simplicity 8383 fits the bill on this.
This dress is a very swinging trapeze dress. For years, I swore off this style of dress because this was my go to silhouette when I was pregnant, 20 years ago. And as of a couple of years ago, this dress made me change my mind.
I cut the size the size 12 and added 3 inches to the length. I decided to keep it short because this dress has a lot of fullness at the bottom. If it were too long, it would really look like a tent! So I decided it would be more flattering on me to keep it short and sassy.
And the major change I made was deciding to go with a woven instead of a knit. This is ALWAYS a risky gamble. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I think it really worked this time. My fabric is a black and white cotton lycra medium weight twill that I bought a longtime ago from Mood Fabrics and used it for this look. But this bold, graphic black and white print looks like it may be of similar weight and would be a great substitute.
I added an invisible zipper because I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull the dress on without that opening. I could because my fabric has enough stretch. But the zipper makes it a lot easier and you don't have to mess up hair and makeup in the process! #winning
The neckline has a bias bound finish. Make sure to check out my tutorial and you can see my method for creating a bias bound neckline with a flawless finish. And the cold-shoulder detail is perfectly punctuates this look.
I absolutely love this dress. It's the perfect cute warm weather date night look!

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  1. I love both dresses and you have great legs! I think I found your ultimate inspiration:

    1. Ahh yes! The Legend! Thanks Vernetta!

  2. You nailed it Erica.....just lovely:)

  3. Yessss, come all the way through legs! Beautiful, Erica!

  4. What a great dress and as usual, the whole look is very chic and the styling is perfect.

  5. When I saw this pattern last weekend I wondered what you'd look like in it. I said if Erica does it then I'll definitely do it...LOL. Literally two days you are!!!! Go legs!

  6. Just've got the legs, that's for sure....and love the boldness of the outfit....wear when it's not windy!

  7. Beautiful Erica! I love those sleeves honestly and thank you for that link to your tutorial on youtube - I have this McCall's pattern (ah who doesn't now I wonder??) and absolutely love it I must say this was best seller for McCall's I'm sure. Your dress looks gorgeous and you're right - those legs! whistle :)

  8. Perfect dress for someone with lovely gams like yourself, yes flaunt them, absolutely...I know I would instead I live vicariously through you! :)

  9. You look absolutely wonderful, Erica! I just adore the way you have styled it. xx
    Kate | SewandSo Promo Codes

  10. Fabulous Darling! Love it

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