DIY Faux Suede Patch Pocket Shorts!

5:30 PM

So, I wanted a pair of khaki shorts. Khaki is such a basic wardrobe staple that will work with any other color. A classic neutral! 
But what I didn't want is a pair of plain shorts made from chino twill fabric.
I was inspired by these Peserico Suede Shorts. They retailed for $500, but are currently on sale for $199. Talk about an "I can make that" moment!
So, to get started, I drafted the base style from a pair of RTW 5" shorts that I already owned. I know I'd only need to add the details. But drafting pants is not easy at all. I had a lot of kinks to work out. It took me a solid week to create these and I questioned why the hell did I even start with these stupid shorts multiple times. But I have to always see things through until the end.
The first iteration came out way too small. I think I forgot to calculate in the seam allowances. I was almost finished. I only needed to attach the waistband and hem them. But when I tried them on, they wouldn't go past my hips. I was absolutely crestfallen. I threw them in a corner and went to bed.
I got up the next day and started all the way over from scratch and they worked! 
I added 2 darts to the front and 2 darts to the back. Like my inspiration shorts, I added patch pockets with flaps and edgestitched and topstitched them.
I also added inseam pockets.
For the back, I added faux welt pockets:
The reason I chose to use faux welt pockets is "pure laziness". I know I can make welt pockets and if you've been reading this blog, you know I can too! Those are a lot of steps and I had nothing to prove. And it's not like I'm going to stick my wallet in my back pocket! 
I just really like the aesthetic of that classic menswear detail.
I'd planned on making the belt with the D-rings like my inspiration. But I ran short on this fabric. BTW, it's a faux suede that I picked up in Atlanta a few months ago from Fine Fabrics. So I just integrated the channel stitching detail into the waistband.
These shorts were a real treat to make, even if I wanted to burn them in the process. Sometimes I just feel the need to challenge myself!

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  1. Really the pocket details.

  2. They came real nice Mrs Erica! Great detail!

  3. You are amazing! You look fantastic in them, and I bet the satisfaction of knowing you made them makes them even more fun to wear.

  4. They look fabulous! Love the details.

  5. They look great! I love your attention to detail and workmanship....just a really classy project. (And you look too cute in them!)

  6. These shorts are fantastic! Love the detailing on them. And you look gorgeous in them as well.

  7. Yes sewsista! Love your style and these shorts. ❤️❤️

  8. Great job with the shorts! I admire your persistence.

  9. These look great. I bought some soft suede years ago with plans to make a skirt, but looking at these, think I would get more wear out of shorts.


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