Review: McCall's 7518 | Plaid Pajama Onesie!

5:00 PM

It's comfy pajama season! Mikaela requested for the Thanksgiving holiday that I make her some pajamas. We were in Joann and she found this pattern, McCall's 7518 in the catalog. So, I promised her that I'd have them made by the time she got home yesterday.
For the fabric, she wanted plaid. She first selected a flannel shirting in a similar colorway. The fabric was only 41" wide and it was really lightweight with no 'give'. I explained why it wouldn't work. I told her to think about the same fabric that baby blanket sleepers  are made in. I found this Blizzard Fleece Red Green and Navy Fabric and most importantly, it's 58".
I made the adult small and it was the perfect size right out of the envelope. It's always a win when I don't have to make any alterations.
Especially since I took the time to match the plaid at all of the seams. 
This is really a quick sew. It took longer to cut it out than it did to actually sew it all together.
I typically like for the dominant print (in this instance it's the red) to go down the center. But, primarily the center back -- it nips in at the waist. So I put the dominant color down the princess lines.
I omitted all of the extra topstitching that was suggested down the center of the hood and around the neckline.
It also has a center front lapped zipper. 
For the cuffs, I used a navy blue ponte from my stash that was leftover from my Vogue 1522 pants.
This was an absolute success and she's loving it. I'll make another one in more of a red plaid for Christmas, because she's going to wear this one to death!

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  1. I like this. If I wasn't dealing with hot flashes, etc - I'd wear that onesie all the time!

    1. Girl, me too! I have to love these on her! Thanks Nylse!

  2. This looks great. I really like your red stripe placement. Fleece is perfect.

  3. Love this Ms. E!!

  4. Too cute! And super comfy I bet!!

  5. I love it so much i am going to make me one. Happy thanksgiving.

  6. So cute! Looks so comfortable and cozy and my daughter would also love this. Thanks for the idea! :)


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