Crafting with ADD

4:08 PM

It can't be anything other than ADD or the fact that I just have the attention span of a three year-old. Maybe I'm just a lazy hooker! This is all of the progress I've made on the zip jacket that I plan on finishing this week:

Now, before I can finish that one I've already cast on for the next project. Well, why not? Everybody else in blogland and beyond has done it or plan on doing! Why NOT me?!?! You guessed it, it's the Apricot Jacket!

Ok... I decided to shell out the dough for a set of Addi-Turbos because you guys say that they are where it's at for speedy knitting. Well, I'm all about that... I need all the help I can with as many projects as I have in queue. They were $14.95! They better be worth it!

Now you know I just couldn't go to the LYS just for needles! But I was such a good girl, my husband will be proud, I only purchased one skein of yarn for the corset belt in SNB: The Happy Hooker.

I can tell you right now, there will definitely be some alterations done to this belt. Oh hell, by the time I get through with it, I might be an all together new belt! LOL. I agree with Bron on this one, ruffles just ain't for every booty body!

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