Rain, rain go away...

9:13 AM

but thanks for washing the pollen away! What a crappy day! The one good thing is the fact that it's not cold and wet, but the humidity is definitely present. This is a good knitting day to plant myself in front of the boob tube and knit on. I plan to catch up on all of the Huff episodes on Showtime on Demand because I didn't watch the first season so that I can watch the season premiere tomorrow night. I caught a few episodes just from flipping channels and became hooked, it's a really funny show, kind of a dark comedy. I had to frog the tunic for around an inch and a half. I got a little lost in the land of stockinette and did a little more than I should have. I was suppose to start the armhole decreases at 22", but when I thought about measuring, I was already at 23 1/2". Oh well, shit happens!

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