Fall is just around the corner!

11:45 PM

I've just completed another sewing project. This time it's a pair of walking shorts. I'll fill you in on the details tomorrow. It's like 95 degrees here and it's so hard and too hot to pick up yarn right now. I've already made quite a few summer sweaters. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really looking forward to Fall. Just think, a few months back I couldn't wait for summer to get here. But I love Fall! It's my season... It's when I was born -- September. I love the thought of beautiful sweater coats, cardigans and so many more that I lusted after before I could knit. I'm envisioning beautiful cableknit turtleneck sweaters with wool skirts and tall boots!
The thought of sewing and knitting makes me really happy now. It's a fun way to be stylish and creative at the same time. This is something that I can appreciate and also my girls. Can you believe a teenaged girl actually wants her mother to make her things? This will help out so much with keeping up with all of the latest fashions. Yes, my daughter and I are fashion whores! We love it. I have Vogue, she has Teen Vogue! Just so happens, she has a mother that has skillz! She's starting high school this year (I'm feeling older by the minute!), and how she looks is really a big deal. She's not really into labels, except for handbags, she really loves cute clothes... the styles that she sees in the magazines. I don't know about other parents of kids that age but it wasn't that long since I was in school and kids will be cruel if you're not wearing the right thing. If sewing, knitting and crocheting will make her feel good (plus two parents telling and showing her that she is totally freakin' awesome), I'd consider that a labor of love!
BTW: I'm knitting tomorrow! Those shorts kicked my ass for the last three days! If I find I still have some left, I'll get you a pic tomorrow.

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