I'm back!

10:30 PM

I haven't blogged in like a week... some times you just get caught up in life and need a break or one is demanded of you. I did manage to get some well deserved rest and relaxation poolside. I've also been sewing, working on my S.W.A.P.... cutting out out and making muslins. I actually have finished two pieces... as soon as I get photos, I'll show you. During my brief hiatus, here are some things I wanted to share.

I've got the blues!

Cobalt blues that is! I've been seeing this electrifying color everywhere.

Camoflaging a belly

If you're like me, I have pretty decent arms and legs but I have a pooch. After three babies, I've made peace with the fact that I'll never have six-pack abs without medical intervention and I'm cool with that. But, there are ways to still be cute and trendy and conceal your flaw.

  1. The first look is a belted jacket cinched at the natural waistline.
  2. The second is a busy print babydoll top made in a flowy fabric.
  3. The third is a boxy jacket layered over a drapey blouse.
- Lucky Magazine, June 2007, page 98

BTW, more learn to sewing posts to come!

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