Just Checkin' In

12:00 AM

So, what y'all been doing this week? First, I needed to rest after the homecoming dress... that took a lot out of me. BTW, thanks for all of the wonderful compliments on the dress and the fabulous birthday greetings. This weekend, I had a lot of family time. Michael took four days off to spend with me. This is a big deal because he is the biggest work-a-holic and it was fun just having him around.

Last evening, I went to "Girls' Night Out" at Gus Mayer (my favorite luxury store in Birmingham).

It was a very nice spread catered by Brio and an open bar.

While in there, I did some snoop shopping until the manager asked me not to take pictures of the merchandise. LMAO Next time, I'll engage one of her sales associates and have them start me a fitting room and take pics I want in there. ROFL

So, when did Nascar start making shoes???

Capes are definitely popular and have a big presence in RTW. I'll be making my own version this winter (if it ever gets here *sigh*).

And houndstooth is everywhere! If y'all know of a large houndstooth print fabric, preferably a wool or wool blend (jacket/coat weight) -- LET ME KNOW!

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