Bit By Burda!

11:45 AM

Okay... I tried to fight it as long as possible. I didn't get the point of doing all of the extra work of tracing, adding seam allowances when there are perfectly good patterns out there, on sale for 99 cents just waiting to be cut and sewn. So, I said "What the hay", I'll give it a looksey! O-M-G!!! I am in love! I got the August issue (thanks Cidell) and the elusive September issue (I bid way to much for it on eBay). So, as soon as I finish up what I'm working on now (I'll post on Monday morning), I'll start tracing. I bet your question is -- what am I going to do first?? Hmmm... good question! LOL It's soooooo much I want to do, I don't know quite where to start. I feel like a kid at Christmas... I don't know which box to rip open first!

These are the first ones to catch my eye:



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