Getting waisted and the Seventies

4:00 PM

Even though we are under a Winter Storm Advisory with the threat of snow (that's a big deal here in the Deep South), my mind couldn't be any more on Spring fashion than it is right now. Spring/Summer 2008 fashions are a throw-back to the 70s. There will be bright, bold colors; Disco (have you seen the Versace ad campaign?); hippie; tribal dressing (check out Oscar de la Renta); maxi dresses (I didn't get around to making one last season) and high-waisted pants.

This trend may not be for everyone, but it's sticking around for a minute. Personally, I love them. It's refreshing to be able to bend over without giving everyone in viewing distance a "half moon". In all honesty, most really aren't that high... most hit below the belly button.

Here are two patterns that I'll be trying out:

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