Exhausted in the City!

12:29 AM

I'm being hosted by the "The Creole Princess" who's staying in NYC for the Summer! This is us at Rockefeller Plaza.

Went shopping today at The Spandex House. Can I just say that it's sooooooooo much fabric in there, it was overwhelming! Seriously, I walked in and my eyes could not find a place to land!

I got a chance to met the FABULOUS Mr. Kashi at Metro Textiles! Don't worry... I'll show you ALL of the HOTNESS I bought in there!

I had to over course take in Time Square.

This "southern girl" that drives everywhere, walked around NYC for almost 12 hours today! Can you say my legs don't know what hit them! Up and down those stairs for the subway was no joke. I swear I've lost 2 or 3 pounds since I got here!

More to come......

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