2009 Sewing Resolutions

12:30 PM

  1. Keep working on my tailoring skills.
  2. Make another "CHANEL" jacket... this will hopefully be soon. I already have one in mind!
  3. I still plan to learn to drape and draft!
  4. Sew more for my family, especially Michael!
  5. Perfect my welt pockets. They still make me nervous.
  6. Sew more basics (i.e. t-shirts, white shirts, jeans).
  7. Sew a tailored jacket.
  8. Commit to sewing atleast six BWOF garments.
  9. Try a Marfy pattern. Even though I rarely read the pattern instructions, it's nice to have them. :)
  10. Take some advanced/expert/couture level sewing classes.

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