Reader Sewing Advice Needed!

9:15 AM

From my inbox:

Hi Erica!

I am an dedicated blog reader of yours. My best friend is getting herself married and I’m a bridesmaid. Thankfully the bridesmaid dresses are a relatively flattering A-line shape but there’s been quite a discussion concerning hemline length. I really admire your style and you always seem to have a spot on sense of what looks good.

All the bridesmaids are runners but two out of the three have thicker calves with thicker ankles. I have thin ankles and thin calves (yeah me), my thighs on the other hand ahem……! Anyway I was thinking the best length for the hemline would be just below the knee at the top of the calf. One of the other bridesmaids insits more tea length. Can I ask you for your advice?

What's YOUR advice?

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