What do you wear daily?

12:00 AM

This is what I wore today. The dress is Vogue 8379 and the shoes are Tahari 'Becky' wedges.

There was a question posed to me by one of the readers as to what I wear day-to-day. Well, since I sew 90% of my wardrobe, I found that odd. It's not like I sew formal wear, so I was thrown that anyone would think I wore something other than what you see here. I make pretty basic things... you know, the types of sportswear that will take you from day to evening. I've made quite a few pair of trousers, several pairs of jeans, dresses galore, tops, skirts, jackets and even coats. I don't think I make anything that I would consider "fancy". There are occasions that I may run an errand or two in workout gear on the way home from the gym. But I'm RARELY in sweats outside of my home.

And it was a good thing I was dressed appropriately. I stopped in Hancock's while I was out and saw local Birmingham designer Ken Lawrence of House of DeVinci! You NEVER know who you may see!

My question to you is what do YOU wear day to day... for school runs, grocery shopping and errands?

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