Dear Hancock Fabrics...

3:30 PM

I have attempted to shop at your store for the last several pattern sales you've advertised. And to no avail, I have had to leave empty-handed. I arrive at your store bright and early on the first day of the sale with my list in hand and low and behold, when I open the drawers your pattern inventory is very scarce.... limited sizes and some not there at all! This is very disappointing to say the least. BUT Hancock Fabrics, my disappointment was short-lived because there is also a Jo-Ann Superstore in the same shopping center. How convenient! And guess what Hancock Fabrics? Jo-Ann will match a competitors offer! Isn't that just wonderful? Well... maybe not so much for you, but it definitely works for me! All I had to do was drive to the other end of the shopping center, pull my patterns from their filled to capacity drawers and present your sales paper!

Hancock Fabrics, here's a piece of advice: If you have your largest competitor located just yards away, you may want to consider stepping up your inventory AND your customer service. Just think about it.

A (formerly) loyal customer.

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