PGRD - Week 1, Day 2

2:45 PM

This is the only time I've spent in my sewing room recently. The mojo just isn't there. The weather has been pretty lovely here -- spring is in the air! I had so many more things I wanted to make for winter, but I guess that groundhog was right... for once! LOL So I'm packing up all of the woolens until September and pulling out the silks, linens, cottons, etc... I've been flipping through my March issues and ripping out pages of things that inspire me. I know already I want wide leg pants and something coral!

Hopefully, I'll be posting something spring-ish soon...

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  1. That skirt is to die for! And you put it together well with the tights and sweater.

  2. I'm loving your skirt!!! What material did you use? It looks like a nice satin but not too shiny!


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