"Fashion Forward"?!

10:45 PM

This summarizes my thoughts on the issue and how some people think they fly above fashion and how "silly" it all may be:


The Devil Wears Prada


Even the silliness that is fashion plays a MAJOR part in those sale patterns that you fish out of the drawers at JoAnn's, Hancocks, online on your BMV memberships and from vintage sellers.

Stop acting as if you're unaffected.

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  1. One of the all time great fashion movie scenes! You are awesome Erica!Love your blog.

  2. You know, I think about that scene every time I find myself looking through up to the minute styles. Thinking "Why am I looking at this stuff" . And also when I wear something inspired by the runway but get funny looks when i do.

  3. Fashion forward to me is an intimidating term used by the fashion industry to make them feel superior over mere mortals, what would we know for goodness sake? Despite the fact that a lot runway looks are influenced by what's emerged from street level.

  4. This whole idea bothers me. Should I wear an item because hundreds of designers and buyers thought the color was important? Or should I wear an item because I like it and I think it makes me look good?

  5. I don't "fear" fashion forwardness. Nor do I have any fashion complexes. And yes, what happens on the runway does indeed have a trickle down effect on a pedestrian level. And it really doesn't have to be as serious as some like to make it. A lot of people just don't get it. And when you don't understand something or fear it, the next step is to demean it and act as if it's frivolous. You have to get dressed anyway. May as well have fun with it and a look like you are actually from this century.

  6. That's the one scene from that movie I always remember. :-)

    I won't wear a style or a color just because it's "in," but if I happen to like the style and/or color and it looks good on me, why not?

  7. I like to take styles and colors that work for me and apply them to my wardrobe. I saw a lot of bandeau/midriff baring tops on the runway for Spring 2012. Do any of you think I'm wearing that?! Hell no! Not for me.

  8. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I think blending what's in with what one likes and looks good in is necessary.
    It is very clear that the shapes and colours of the runway do trickle down in to the stuff I can afford - and sometimes this is done in better ways than others.
    This can be useful or frustrating depending on what those colours and shapes happen to be. I've spent a lot of my life getting annoyed with trendy silhouettes and colours that just don't do me any favours (lime green makes me look green), so I decided awhile back that it's better to be a few years out of date (or in some other era) in something that flatters me than up to the moment in something that doesn't.
    This means I buy a lot of what I like when it is in so I'm not forced to buy what I don't when it inevitably crops up again and dominates the racks and fabric stores.

  9. I'm going to have to watch this movie again :o). Happy belated b-day, too!

  10. This scene is also something that stuck in my head after I saw it the first time. It put into words what I had had trouble explaining for a while at a that time - and I have to admit to not being that fashionable myself!

    I live in Paris at the moment and while the Parisians are generally rather conservative with what they wear, they have a great knack of taking what is otherwise 'boring' and adding a twist of what's in to make it 'fashion forward'.

  11. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Hear, hear! I've been thinking about this since stumbling across the (baffling) Alexander McQueen backlash in the sewing blogosphere.. I wanted to prescribe this clip as remedial viewing, now I can just link to you :)

    - Sarah @ PatternVault

  12. Totally with you. I think there is a mixture of intimidation and hyper-individualism (somehow fashion or any perceived fashion authority becomes The Man) in it all.

  13. Perfect video response Erica. I watch the runway shows, study the details and do what Anna said the Parisians do - take what is otherwise boring and add a twist of what's in to make it "fashion forward".

    Why would anyone fear fashion trends and details?This is what many of us enjoy doing and in the end, it's really about having the style to make it your own, as you and your daughter do with your creations and the RTW and accessories that you mix in.

    After seeing the Fendi spring 2012 collection, I sewed up my version of one of the dresses by adding details to a TNT Sewing Workshop pattern. Check it out on my blog. http://sewsophisticated.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-interpretation-of-designer-original.html

    I enjoyed the process and I look forward to being well enough to wear it with heels next spring!

  14. This is one of my favorite movies and definitely my favorite scene of it. It is right on and I agree with you!

  15. I don't even have to play it! I can hear her saying "That ... stuff?" And then going into the lecture on cerulean and how it made the journey from the runway to Andy's sweater.

    I think I've watched that movie too many times. :)

  16. Anonymous1:43 PM

    word! and love this sentence: "You have to get dressed anyway. May as well have fun with it and a look like you are actually from this century." I absolutely agree!

    drives me crazy how anti-fashion some folks - sewists and non-sewists - are. I'm super inspired by you to really take a look at what's going on on the runways and to try to incorporate the elements I like into the clothes I make.

  17. I really like that movie! The quote is so appropriate!

  18. I my younger days, I disdained fashion trends. I loved clothes, but saw the fashion industry as some big consumerist trap.

    I have a very different perspective now that I know more about fashion history. Fashion is a reflection of the wider culture that we live in. Some of that comes from "on high" from the fashion industry, and some of it comes from the streets (especially nowadays with the internet and blogging). But ALL of it is a reflection of the context we live in and our wider culture, and that is a fascinating, wonderful thing.

  19. Perfect sentiments, and it makes me want to watch that movie again!

  20. I'm going to have to watch this movie again :o). Happy belated b-day, too!

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