What I'm Wearing | When in Doubt, Wear Red!

7:00 PM

I love the color red.  When I'm feeling like I'm in a rut, I wear red.  I've been feeling really "blah" this week.  My sewing mojo has gone missing; I'm working on a project that has taken much more time than it should've.  I have an "almost" finish dress hanging on the dress form that only needs hemming.  I'm summoning the energy to just finish it, so I can move on to the next project.   
So today, I decided to wear my favorite red skirt, red sandals and a pop of red on my lips.  Because the color red is energizing!  It motivates me to get up and take action.  And to piggyback off of my previous post, my clothes affect the way I'm feeling.   
When I want to feel uplifted, there's no way I can do that looking like a slob.  Walking pass a mirror will make me want to crawl back in the bed.  So instead, I fluff myself up and go out and get some fresh air.  Now, I'm ready to reclaim my sewing mojo, get that hem finished and on to the next project!
Wearing:  top:  Vogue 1248; skirt:  New Look 6003; shoes:  Nine West from Nordstrom Rack.

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  1. Very nice! Red is good ;-)

  2. As well as cheering you up, I think red can work as a kind of neutral, I think I need to get some red separates in my closet. Hems - or whatever needs doing near the end of a project actually - always slow me down, just think of the new project you can get started on when it's done.

  3. red looks good on you. i love it.

  4. Red gives amazing energy. It peps the spirit.

  5. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Love the whole outfit. Red always looks great, but I have almost none of it in my closet! Must remedy.

  6. RED is a captivating color and you wear it very well. I just found your blog and I will follow via bloglovin. I use to sew a lot and have a new singer that I just dust off once in awhile. When you have some time check me at: http://mykurves.blogspot.com and give me a holla.

  7. That's a really great philosophy... Red solves a lot of blues :). Plus it doesn't hurt that you look smashing in it! Cute sandals!


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