Give Them the Bold Shoulder!

8:45 AM

The growing trend of off-the-shoulder tops and dresses keeps growing and getting hotter as the mercury rises.  So this time, I thought I'd change the game up a little bit on mine and give you some single shoulder styling!
There are times in sewing life that all of the elements align.  You see a style that you love and have an "I can make that" moment.  You know already how you're going to go about creating your inspiration garment.  And as soon as you walk into the fabric store, lo and behold -- the perfect fabric lands in your shopping cart!  That my sewing friends is called "sewing kismet"!

Polka dots and ruffles scream flamenco and makes me feel super sassy.  Olé!  
Even the wind wanted you to get into the greatness of this top!
Want to know how I made this top?  Well, here is a tutorial I created as a BERNINA Brand Ambassador for the We All Sew Blog:  

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  1. I love this top! Sassy and Chic, your whole ensemble is perfection..

  2. What a gorgeous fun top - si, ole!

  3. Another winner! The off the shoulder look is a subtle sexy look!I love the black/white polka dots too. Thanks for the tutorial

  4. Just like the designer top. And love the way your trousers hang too. No folds in the back legs. My sewing target. Hat off to you!

  5. Really great top!! love it

  6. Well done! I need to give one of these a try. Hubby would love it.

    1. I hope you both love it! Thanks Corynne!

  7. You are simply AMAZING -- talented, funny and beautiful. I love everything you make and you have sparked my creative side. I saw this post and immediately replicated this top.


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