Review: Vogue 1524 | A Wow Piece for the Holiday Season!

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So I made the new Vogue 1524 - Rebecca Vallance jumpsuit. So let's talk about.
You guys know that I'm no stranger to jumpsuits. I love them and I live in them. So it was a no-brainer that I would make this one. My fabric for the bodice is a black ponte de roma from Mood The pants are made in a black Rag & Bone stretch crepe. Don't be deceived by the photos on the Vogue Pattern's site or the envelope... this jumpsuit is made out of two different fabrics. The bodice is knit and stretchy, while the pants are made in a woven and tailored. Let's talk about the bodice:
First thing first... as I finished cutting out the pattern pieces, I notice the #6 pattern piece was missing (I bought the size 14-22, so it may just be in that printing batch). I obviously thought I'd cut it out and accidentally thrown it away. I searched through my trash can. I crawled around on the floor looking under furniture. Nothing. Joann's was still open so I ran to the store for another pattern. They were sold out. I just wanted confirmation that I didn't lose the piece. This almost made me scrap the entire project. 
But instead, I bossed up and just drafted the missing piece and kept it moving.
I added an inch the length to the bodice. The bodice is self-lined -- sewn twice and stitched together. Since my ponte de roma is pretty beefy, two layers worked out perfectly since this jumpsuit is clearly not bra-friendly. 
The bodice has cup sizing. I used the size 14 with D cup. This is a great detail because you don't have to worry about any side boobage slipping out with the way it's cut on the sides.
I wanted a nice gunmetal zipper, so I purchased mine from Pacific Trimming. My 1" parachute buckle is from a dealer on Etsy (I lucked up because she's no longer selling). I waited until the jumpsuit was fully-made before I finished the back bands. My buckle is metal and somewhat heavy. So I had to pull it tighter than the suggested length.
I cut the pants in the size 14 as well.
The pants are really nice. They're high-waist and tailored. They could actually be made as a stand along piece. I didn't have to add any length to the rise, but I did add a significant amount to the hem -- 6 inches!
The pants have pleats in the front and and side slant pockets.
The side front of the pants pocket looks like this. It has a facing sewn to it.
It's sewn onto the pocket like this.
The finished front inside is nice. The pockets are sewn into the center front seam and the pants also have facings at the waist. This makes for a really good fit that you don't see in a lot of jumpsuits. It's like a tummy panel that holds everything in.
For the back pockets, I always interface my welt area, especially in a woven fabric with stretch. It makes it a lot easier to manipulate.
Outside... And the pants have an invisible zipper at the center back.
One thing that I will go back and do is add a hook and eye above the pant zipper. It didn't suggest one, but I feel it will secure my zipper.
I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out and I really want to use this bodice again, probably in a dress.
I wore this out last night and topped it off with my new Vogue 1517 jacket that I'm going to review in a separate post.
My venue last night was SCENE Gallery to cover the JA Collections of Jordan Alexander for B-Metro Magazine.  
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My blogging partner for the evening was Alexis Barton of Same Chic Different Day.

Other jewelry on display was from Ilana Sarna, Sara Weinstock, Victor Veylan, Santi Rom, Buddha Mama, Nan Fusco, Sorrelina, Jordan Alexander, Andrew Harper, Adorina, and Octium.
There were wonderful cosmetic products from Botaniko.

And live jazz from Eric Essix made for a great party!

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  1. Very, very nice Ms. Erica! You are definitely working that entire outfit and you look stunning as always! What a great event! I love jazz! Add wine & shopping...that's a REAL party! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome post! That jumpsuit is soooo YOU! When I saw it I could have wagered on you making it. Its all that and Doritos n hot sauce! The gold jacket is sick too! Ill be back for that post!

  3. Gorgeous as usual!!

  4. FIYAH! The back opening is a show stopper.

  5. Thanks for the construction shots. It was great to see how this came together. You are stunning in this!

  6. Awesome Erica! Your jumpsuit turned out great! Thank you so much for sharing the details of construction and your tips. I read that another sew sister didn't have piece #6 either. The company's response to her was that the piece was mistakenly omitted. They mailed the piece to her. I haven't opened mine yet, but I'm gonna ask them to send me one too.

    You look so pretty. The Queen of Jumpsuits!��

    1. I can't wait to see yours! Thanks Anita!

  7. Great job! You look beautiful in it.

  8. Stunning as always Erica.


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