How I Conceptualize an Outfit

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I am always inspired by ready-to-wear. I'm always perusing fashion magazines and ripping out pages. Or scrolling through my favorite high-end retailers such as or I never forget to explore some coupons from while doing a bit of shopping or just surfing. By the way, these high-end retailers have great photos and always provide a detailed description of fabric content.
I discovered this outfit while looking on And I loved both the top and the pants. 
I love separates and these are such basic and cute pieces that I know I'll wear to death all summer. And I'll wear the pants all year with our weather.
I picked Simplicity 8385 and 8389 as my patterns. I sketched the pieces together just to see if it would look the same and I loved it. So, next was the execution.
For the top, I used Simplicity 8385, view C. My fabric is a White Rayon Challis from Mood
I cut the size 12 and graded out to a 14 at the hip. The flounce is finished with a narrow hem.
And the inside has French seams.
I love the cold-shoulder detail. I use to not get why a custom top would have adjustable straps. My thought was I'll just adjust the fit while constructing it. Made sense to me. But I've learned that even if it is customized, you still need to make adjustments.
The pants are Simplicity 8389, view D. And these pants are amazing! I cut the size 14 and lengthened them by 3 inches. My fabric is this Black Textural Blended Silk Double Cloth from Mood I love this fabric. If you're not familiar with double cloth, it means that two different fabrics (or sometimes the same kind) are fused together. These have a textured, crinkly silk on one side and a twill on the other. I would love the opportunity to buy more of this fabric and utilize both textures in a single garment.
Here's a close up so you can see it. The fabric has zero stretch, so it works really well for a relaxed fit.
These are such fun piece that'll be in constant rotation.

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  1. Looks like a very comfortable outfit. Love both pieces.

  2. Hi Erica

    I love your is so classy but yet so
    Soft and simple lines..and the ruffles on your top
    Has that romantic look. I just love it and I have
    Both of those patterns and I can't wait to sew
    My creations.
    Sew on Sister!!!

    Smile Renee.

  3. Great looking! I just love all the details of your top it's so delicate and pretty, perfectly styled too !

  4. I always love a pretty top and nice bottom.

    1. Me too! Separates are my favorites! Thanks Karen!

  5. I love everything about this outfit! Great job!!

  6. What a gorgeous ensemble. Love the pretty top and the relaxed pants. Your pieces look MUCH better than the Intermix inspiration pieces.

  7. Comfortable and cute! Perfect outfit!!!

  8. very chic. you are always inspiring!

  9. I love this and great sketch! Thanks for sharing your thought process, I need to put more effort into my sketches.

  10. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Hands down, the outfit is too good, looks so much comfortable. I like the fabric. With the instructions being clear and concise it will have a beginner sewer feeling like a professional sewer in no time!! I really wanna try it now but crocheting a couple of pillows, will definitely going to make one for me this weekend.I have also subscribed to your Youtube Channel.Thanks again for this post.


  11. Very cute! I would've never noticed the lingerie slide detail on this pattern but kudos to simplicity for including it! Thanks for inspiring!

  12. Nice dress. You really did a great job and love the top. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Lovely Dresses. Really Good Job I like your top.


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