Review: McCall's 7723 | Ruffle Cold-Shoulder Peplum Top!

11:30 AM

In my never-ending pursuit to add fun tops to my wardrobe, my current one is McCall's 7723.
This time of year, I tend to make pieces that will work now and later. So, I wanted a top that would work with pants, jeans and shorts. Plus, this one is so cute and frilly! And history has proven that I love a good ruffle!
Since this top obviously has a lot going on, I really wanted a fabric that had a little something extra, that wouldn't compete with the design elements. I've had this crinkly-textured fabric for over a year that I picked up from Jo-Ann. The thing about this fabric is, it can't be pressed! While testing it out, all of that beautiful texture was smoothed right out. So I had to be careful in my selection of designs.
I was pretty impressed with how this fabric took to the lack of pressing. The seams look great, especially in the front where I had to do a 1" FBA that added additional vertical darts.
These ruffles are my favorite! I don't think I've ever enjoyed creating ruffles this much in my entire sewing life. 
 See here how I made them:
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Anytime I can get away with replacing a facing with bias binding, I do it. 
Since this fabric can't be pressed, a facing would've been a horrible idea. It would've never stayed in place. This is such a cleaner look.
And I finished it off with a narrow hem, created with my Flat Hem Foot 7mm.
My pants are my 3rd iteration of DP Studio LE302. I used this pattern before for the pants in the gray suit and part of the McCall's 7728 jumpsuit.
My fabric is this emerald green cotton/poly bottom-weight twill I found at Jo-Ann. This one has no stretch, and they fit great. But just like with no stretch denim, the longer I was wearing these I noticed that they began to relax.
These are my newest pant obsession for right now. So I'll be making these throughout the rest of spring and summer... unless I run across another pattern I have to make.

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  1. Hermoso trabajo. Te felicito Erica. Un abrazo desde Buenos Aires Argentina

  2. Lovely outfit! I've never seen a cold shoulder with ruffles on it. It looks very elegant.

  3. The blouse is beautiful. It looks like one of those designer blouses in Vogue magazine.


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