Can't they tell the difference?

10:25 PM

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As I flipped through my stack of holiday greetings, bills, catalogs and magazines, I came across the January issue of Elle magazine. I always flip frantically through major fashion mags looking for just one glimpse of a crocheted garment when low and behold in the "ElleFirst Trend" report I spot the caption -- Crochet Club! Wow! How excited was I? Very! O.K., I read on and see "knit pieces"? WTF?!?! Are the writers and editors at Elle, you know the ones that sit front row at runway shows, that stupid unfamiliar with the fiber arts that they can't tell the difference? These are the people that fashionistas look up to as a guide on the latest trends and this is what they serve me? Let's see, from the title, one can assume that the article is going to represent crocheted garments, but yet they continously describe them as knit! This is the main reason why I have to always explain to people the difference between knitting and crocheting and how they are not the same thing.

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