Lazy days of summer

6:45 PM

I know that I haven't posted in over a week but I have been crafting. I've been working on cute back-to-school wardrobe pieces for my girls.

I'll post pictures in a day or so.

When you have two girls, the other wants to know, "Why aren't you sewing anything for me?". Well, I had to do something about that. Little Miss Tomboy doesn't like skirts unless it's a skort so dresses were out of the question. Since I'm going shopping for jeans which are her favorite, I decided to do cute little knitted tops for her.

McCall's 4866 - View A

Of course I'm working on another outfit for me.

Vogue 2900 - View A

Also, I bought all of the material to make a customized dress form.

See how in Sew News - August 2006

I take this D.I.Y. thing very serious; if it will save me $150, it's worth the time and effort.

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