Baby, I swear it's deja vu...

8:21 PM

Or should I say Duro vu!

"...seems like you're everywhere, it's true
gotta be having deja vu..."
Deja Vu - Beyonce featuring Jay-Z

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Lucky magazine - August 2006

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Project Details

Pattern: Simplicity 4072

Fabric: Rayon?? from Hancock Fabrics


Where do I start? Let's see. My goal was to get something entirely different from my version of McCall's 5137. Even though, I felt like I did an excellent job sewing the first dress and following the directions to the tee, I still had something else in mind. I decided to make the dress following the Simplicity pattern exactly, but as I started I realized that this pattern was going to produce an almost identical dress to the one that I made before. Even though I used a drapier fabric, it was the same dress all over again. I was frustrated... I tried it on and completely hated and in the trashcan it went. This was lastnight.

O.K., after a good night's sleep, I dug it out and grabbed my seam ripper. What did I change and do different this time? This time around, I left off the ties. I am so not a tie-in-the-back-dress-kinda-chick. I wore enough of those when I was pregnant and that's what they remind me of -- maternity clothes. Since these patterns are designed to produce a garment with a lot of ease, I dropped down a few sizes and inserted a hidden side zipper. Unlike the other pattern, the back bodice did not have a back seam (it was really unnecessary in the McCall's), that's why I choose the side, right below the underarm to place a 7" invisible zipper. I also removed some of the bulk through the hips and shortened it a tad so that I could use the print in the fabric as a border. Overall, I like the fit of this one better. It's a lot more comfortable and it stays in place as I move about and I don't feel the need to have to keep tugging and pulling. I gave it the ultimate test: in and out the car. To me, this one determines what's a winner or loser.

BTW, this is how NOT to use a seam ripper!

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