Empty Nest

11:40 AM

Until 3:30

I've been waiting for this day since the last day of school, literally counting it down, but it's really bittersweet. It's eerily quiet in my house today. Usually, you can walk throughout the house and hear t.v.'s and cd players booming from every direction; the refridgerator opening and closing; the beep, beep, beep of the microwave; the telephone ringing off the hook; screams of, "Get out of my room!" or "I'm telling mom!". But today, nothing... just the sound of the t.v. to keep me company and fill the void of silence.
Atleast today I have knitting. Yes, I said knitting! Even though the weather chick said it was going to hit triple digits again today, I have my hand wrapped around yarn. I casted on last night for the Gatsby Girl Pullover. I haven't knitted in so long that my hands are feeling arthritic today. I'm finding the cabling to be entertaining and it beat's the hell outta endless stockinette! As soon as I make some significant headway I'll post pics.

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