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3:15 PM


There's no particular method to my madness today, other than the fact that I just wanted to share a few things. Went shopping for fabric today, yeah I know, what a shock! Picked up a few items. From left to right:
I guess you can say, I've given some thought to what I want to wear this Fall.

Fashion (Faux Pas)

There is one style this season that I will not be partaking of and that is the skinny jeans, peg legs, pencil pants... none of that for me! I found this article in Vibe's Vixen magazine about how you can wear the skinny look even if you aren't 98 pounds. THE HELL YOU CAN! That's right I went there.

Look, here's the deal: Skinny pants are for skinny people, (just ask the Budget Fashionista, she'll tell ya) that's it... no if, ands, or (big ol') BUTTS about it! See, I have badonkadonk , junk in the trunk, a huge bum, a very large arse... but I'm confortable with that and I know how to work it and most importantly I know my fashion limitations. The so-called fashion writers and editors at Vibe Vixen need to be ashamed for putting it out there that the above look is o.k. I'm going to have to ask them to never do that again! Sorry to be crass (not really) but the chick in the middle looks like 10 lbs of shit shoved into a 5 lb bag. That's all...

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