Vogue 2923 - 1st Project of the New Year!

8:25 PM

Project Details

Pattern: Vogue 2923 - DKNY Jacket
Fabric: PVC Nubuck

Description: Semi-fitted, unlined jacket has princess seams, collar extends into front band, slightly dropped shoulders, pocket, french seams and two-piece sleeve.

This pattern was rated Vogue Average and IMO, I felt it was actually one the easiest VP's I've done. I cut this pattern in a size 14. Even though, the pattern recommended a lightweight Gabardine and lightweight Denim as the fabric, I chose to use a PVC Nubuck because I-DARE-TO-BE-DIFFERENT and garbardine or denim was not in my vision! As you can see, my results turned out great and it's best sometimes to follow your own instincts. I love the fact since this was an unlined jacket that it has french seams which made the inside just as good-looking as the outside. The only modifications I made is that I left off the decorative trim and I took the waist in a tad bit so the jacket would be fitted instead of "semi-fitted" for a more tailored look. I did have to move the front darts over about half an inch. I used an eye and hook for closure. I love the fact that this jacket has topstitching... even on the armscye. The pattern "claimed" that the shoulders are slightly dropped... well, not on me they aren't. Also, since I was working with PVC, I couldn't exactly do a lot of ironing, so I relied on Fabri-Tac in certain areas.

This is a great looking jacket, that is an awesome wardrobe addition. Even though I have fallen in love with it, this will be the only one I will make. A girl will only need one jacket with a dramatic collar such as this in her wardrobe.

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