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3:30 PM

Barbara ask:

Erica - thanks for the great review. I, along with the poster Meg, would love to know how you carve out time for sewing and a busy life? If you have any secrets you can share, this would be wonderful! Maybe an article for Pattern Review or even one of your blog entries. I work full time in HR and unfortunately find that time is "not by own" even when I come home in the evenings - and have other demands too. There has to be a better way to maximize time and you do a great job at. : ) Thanks!!!!!!!
Barbara (and Meg),
There's no secret nor is it a science. I just do it. It's all about what YOU consider a priority. In my world, there's no such thing as not having time to sew... sewing is a priority. It's right up there with cooking, cleaning and laundry. It also helps that those around me respect what I do. My husband doesn't think of my sewing as something frivolous. He knows this is serious to me and something that I love doing.

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